Friday, December 17, 2010

Accomplishments - Part 1

This has been a serious year of artistic accomplishments for Skysetter Designs.  A great beginning to a new chapter in my life.   Art Biz Blog suggests that you document your artistic accomplishments here so you can look back and review.  So, here we go with Part 1.

How did you promote your art?  Actively listed and sold at least 80 Kinetic Mobile Sculptures on Etsy (most of them created with watercolor paintings).  Etsy advertised my listings on Google which is the best form of online promotion.

What did you do to enhance your online presence?  Recreated my website and restarted my blog and of course, sold my art!

What technological skills did you learn or improve?  Purchased Photoshop Elements and learned to use it to edit the photos of my work in an attempt to produce a more professional presentation of my kinetic mobile sculptures.  Also learned how to use a soldering torch.

Who was your most influential person this year?  Marina Cavette of Natchez Art and Framing.  Marina is an accomplished artist who I am fortunate enough to learn the art of watercolors from.

What medium or skill did you attempt or master?  Attempting to learn the art of Watercolor painting... to be honest, I never tried it before this year and I am totally hooked!  This will be a lifelong adventure!

What worthy cause did you support?  I am proud to say that I worked with my local art association in creating the 1st Annual Miss-Lou High School Art Contest.  We had 30 participants and almost $600.00 in cash prizes.  It was a great boost for Natchez Mississippi and our young artists!

What new art events, galleries, and museums did you visit?  I took some time out last month to visit the New Orleans Museum of Art for the 1st time.  I went specifically to see the sculpture garden and the kinetic sculpture outside of the museum.  It was an enlightening experience.  The sculpture garden was amazing and the kinetic sculpture was breathtaking.  The only disappointment was the lack of watercolor paintings inside the museum.  I'm learning that watercolors are not as valued as other mediums in the art world.  What a shame!  It is such a beautiful medium!


But this kinetic sculpture by (I promise to get his name) outside the museum is a huge inspiration to me.  I think in my spare time I will attempt to learn this sculptural art.  It is perfectly technical enough to keep me entertained and beautiful enough to keep me interested.

This list will have to be broken down into many parts or I will have to take a very long lunch to complete this. Check back in the next few days for another installment.  Merry almost Christmas!

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