Friday, December 3, 2010

Childhood Art AND PATIENCE!

As a child I never drew or painted.  I didn't have the patience and was also a perfectionist.  If it didn't look just like the thing I was trying to draw or paint, it sucked and I would move on to other things.  As I matured I also realized that as a hyper child, sitting in one place and spending the time needed to complete a drawing and/or painting was just not something that was physically or mentally possible for me.  I didn't have the patience.  My artistic medium at that time was performing arts - gymnastics, dance, and skating.  And of course, taking things apart and putting them back together.  I have a very fond memory of stealing scraps of wood from local construction sites and creating stilts for myself and all my friends so we could go about the neighborhood just a little taller in life!

As far as drawing or painting, I thought that you had to possess a natural ability to just pull subject matter right out of your head, creatively, and draw or paint it.  I never realized that you need to learn the techniques and skills by trying to copy other works of art.  As I stroll down this road of artistic enlightenment I realize that I was so wrong.  Art can be learned, but with anything, experience can't be learned.  Art has to be practiced and nurtured to a level that is acceptable for viewing.

Art is work.... but a wonderful soul rousing experience that doesn't feel like work at all!  Here is a new doodle for ya!  I purchased some new watercolor journals and decided to try out the 3.5 x 5 inch journal.

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