Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christine By Hand featured one of my Mobiles

Ok, how cool is this!  Christine by Hand, a fellow Etsy Shop Owner and PMC/Enamel Artist, featured my Cathedral Windows Mobile on her blog.  So, of course, I must also feature her work here.
 She specializes in creating unique pendants with a combination of Precious Metal Clay (known as PMC) and some enamels.
 PMC is precious metals, like bronze and silver, which you can create any number of jewelry items of unique design.  I almost decided to learn that art and then remembered that my clay work has tons to be desired.  I am just no good with that material.  So, I leave that medium to others, like Christine who seem to have a perfect technique with the medium.

After looking at her work I find that her prices are really great and her pendants would make beautiful gifts for family and friends!  Thank you so much for featuring my Cathedral Windows Mobile on your Blog!

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