Friday, December 24, 2010

Cities, Doodles, and Ramblings

Just a couple of shots for this fine Christmas eve!  I am now enjoying a nice and quiet morning after waking to the sounds of Iron Man 2 on full volume on surround sound.  Rude, I was sleeping darn it!  The maker of the noise (husband) has now gone to bed.  House cleaning is on the agenda.  I just downloaded a Greg Iles book, True Evil, into my Audible App on the Iphone and am ready to make a little noise of my own.

But first, here is a glimpse of the things I did last night....

Completed my first cityscape illustration.  I'm liking this!

Tried a doodle with a watercolor background.  This is fun!

Sealed the components for four mobiles with polyurethane

And completed another doodle. I especially like the winking hearts :-)

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