Thursday, December 23, 2010

Count you Acomplishments - Part 2

 My goal was to restart this blog and make an entry daily.  Its a lofty goal!  And I have failed miserably!  But, it wears on me daily as I think of it quite often and just don't have the time or the imagination to write.  Today is the start of 4 wonderful days off!  Thank you Jordan Carriers, Inc. for granting us all two days off for Christmas!  My goal today was to clean the house but I got stuck in a project and am currently procrastinating here on my blog!  Yup, sometimes its just a tool for procrastination!

And just so I don't flake out on this, here is part two of "Count your Acomplishments".

What books did you read to help your career? What videos or films were useful?
Books!  Because this was a year of watercolor and kinetic mobile discovery, I bought books.  Have I read them all cover to cover.... um.  no way!  But here is a list of the books that landed in my personal library in 2010:
  • Making Mobiles - by Bruce Cana Fox
  • Calder Sculpture - by Alexander S.C. Rower (Given out by the National Gallery of Art, Washington)
  • Making Mobiles - by Guy R Williams
  • Calder - by Jacob Baal-Teshuva (Taschen)
  • Art School - A Complete Painters Course - by Hamlyn
  • The Tao of Watercolor - by Jeanne Carbonetti
  • The Japanese Ink Painting Handbook - by Susan Frame
  • Expressiver Color - by Stoddard
  • Photoshop Elements 8 - A Digital Classroom - by Wiley
  • Watercolor Solutions - by Charles Reid
  • Watercolor Made Easy - by Janet Walsh
  • Watercolorist's Answer Book - by Rath
  • Color Choices - by Steven Quiller
  • Watercolors in a Weekend  - by Jill Bays
  • Painters Quick Reference - Flowers and Blooms - by North Light Books
  • Color Saves the Day - by Samu
  • The Watercolor Artist's Guide to Exceptional Color - by Jan Hart (highly recommended to all practicing watercolor artists)
  • Color Harmonies - Paint Watercolors Filled with Light - by Rose Edin and Dee Jepsen (a favorite)
  • Complete Book of Watercolors in a weekend - by Hazel Harrison & Frank Halliday
  • Color Mixing Recipes for Watercolor - by William F Powell (Used to color match mobile colors to customer requests - invaluable resource)
I have purchased two video's to date - One I have watched but not tried - The other is a christmas gift to myself.  I'll write about them another time :-)

What organizations were you involved with? I joined the Natchez Art Association and applied for association with our local art gallery, Arts Natchez.

What grants did you apply for?  What grants/honors/awards did you receive?  To me, this question is one in the same.  I applied for and was awarded a mini-grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission.  I am so honored by this recognition!

Where did you exhibit or retail your art? Exhibits - M. Schon Gallery - Natchez MS, Gallery 317 - Lincolnton NC, Mango Lane Gallery - Marquette MI, Vivian's Art for Living - Charlottsville VA, Etsy online -, Artfire Online -

I am still trying to find my painting voice.... mobiles... they are pretty locked in!  

Well, that's it for now.  House cleaning procrastination complete.  I think I'll go paint something!

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