Monday, December 27, 2010

Exercise or Art?

One or the other.  But why?  Why can't I make time for both.  I spent my whole Sunday clearing out one of the rooms in my home in preparation of exercise.  Of course, I got zero artwork done.  I need to exercise... one look at me and you would agree, wholeheartedly.... (you can quit bobbing your head now).  The art keeps me sane!  Oh yea, and keeps the bills paid and food on the table. 

I don't make New Years Resolutions.  My take on the subject is why should you make a resolution just to fail in the end.  I resolve to increase my pants by one size.  Laugh, no one resolves to achieve the realistic.  So, we lift our chin and resolve to do better.  But the resolution is usually so lofty that it is too difficult to achieve without a great commitment. 

Realistically, we are creatures of habit.  Someone who is over 40 and doesn't walk daily will find it hard to begin an exercise routine that involves walking daily and stick to it.  One year later, you will most often find that same person doing exactly what they were doing before making the resolution and said resolution is no where in the current routine. 

We are also creatures who enjoy variety.  I hope that I can incorporate a little exercise into my life daily.  Hope... this means that I will not beat myself up if I don't get 20 minutes in on the bike today.  If I skip the weight bench or the treadclimber, I have not committed a life changing error.  I will of course remind myself that the size of my butt exceeds the maximum limit of the ladder in my shed and therefore should visit the bike, weights, or treadclimber as much as I can.   I really enjoy riding my bike in the spring, summer and fall.  Not so much in the winter.  But I have a great house spinner.... all dusted off and awaiting said large butt!  Art right afterward, of course :-)

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