Sunday, December 5, 2010


Its Sunday morning and I have a headache.  I woke up with the same headache yesterday that waxed and waned throughout the day.  Barometric pressure change, dry air, any number of things could be the cause.  Whatever, endure, take some drugs, nap.... that seems to be the motto for the day.

I did have some good news yesterday!  Almost all of my jewelry that was in M.Schon's Gallery had sold so yesterday I brought her some more and she took it all!  I'm very thankful for that!  She also gave me back a couple of mobiles she had in her store for display and I'm thrilled that I now have two more mobiles in stock, ready to sell!

A couple of days ago, I began this painting which I had intended to be a color value study.  Note to self.... when you are trying to do a value study, don't also try out a new color.  I got my first tube of veridian and thought it would be a lovely opportunity to see what the color would do, if it played well with others, etc.  Two hours later I was doodling everywhere trying to recover a very overworked and tired painting.  Laugh, my husband wants to rip it from the journal and put it in a frame.....Ummmm... NO!

This was my first attempt at a architectural painting that also went south.  I may try to finish it later, or not.  Try try again. Laugh, I'm 48 not 10 years old.

And this is my progress on the piece I am doing in my watercolor classes.  Guidance makes a huge difference.

Experience... It can't be taught... You have to endure the mistakes, celebrate the happy accidents and get the experience.  How many of these will turn into mobiles?  I'm thinking at least two of them.  I always say that my paintings are so bad that I have to cut them up into little pieces to enjoy them.  :-)

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