Monday, December 13, 2010

Jerry's Artarama Junkmail Challenge by Carolyn Weir of Skysetter Designs

Whew!  No time, xmas rush!  But between completing a few mobile orders I was able to fit in this project for Jerry's Artarama Junkmail Challenge 2010.  I was able to work out some very key issues on my moving picture concept with this project.  One of the issues was alignment of the picture but by removing a small slice between each panel, I was able to retain artwork continuity so you could actually tell it was a painting instead of just individual mobile pieces.  Then I found that it looked quite plain as a moving picture so I decided to add a 1/4 frame around it to give it a little more punch!  I think it worked out well!  I just hope I win one of the 50 $100.00 prizes they are offering.  I would use it to purchase more watercolor paper and continue my kinetic mobile sculpture work on this prototype.  Wish me luck!

Here is a youtube link to the mobile in motion

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