Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Just Right Green

Green..... It has plagued painters for centuries.  Too much yellow and you end up with neon green, too much blue and you end up with aqua, and it goes on and on and on.  I spent over 2 hours last night trying to create the perfect sage green in addition to other color panels for mobiles.

But you know what took the most time and work.... getting those paintings into color swatches so the customers could choose their color by number.  I had to photograph them, download them into photoshop, manipulate the pictures so they would look as much like the actual paintings as possible, and then save them into a format that will upload easily to the internet.  I was able to assemble cropped swatches in Photoshop but the darned software wouldn't let me save my grouping in a jpg format.  Thats what I get for buying the $150.00 version of the software.  Then I thought, surely, MS word software would let me save as a jpg.... nope, no luck there.  How about Draw software.... nope, no jpg format available there.  Do you know the only software that would allow me to save my swatches in jpg format was the operating system for windows 7 accessory, MS Paint.  I had to copy what I created in Photoshop and paste it into MS Paint but it let me save it as a jpg.  Go figure, the freebee got the job done when the higher end software wouldn't.

Oh, even better, the windows 7 Snipping tool could have done it quicker and easier for me.  I just used the Windows 7 Snipping tool to bring them into this blog.  Snipping!  What a wonderful invention!

Here are the final products of my labors:

Green, green and more green.  Are any of them sage?  Of course, I'm not color blind.  I can see there is purple, mauve, peach, burnt orange, etc there.  But this blog post is about the green, right?????

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