Thursday, December 2, 2010

One year down, a lifetime of discovery to go!

I'm lucky! There are many out there that have no clue what it is like to loose yourself in a project. To become so involved in the task at hand that time melts away and almost stops.... right up to the moment you look at the clock and 5 hours have passed in artful bliss. This is what I get when I am balancing a new kinetic mobile or creating a new watercolor.

One year after I discovered Alexander Calder, Timothy Rose, and others, I am still in awe of the design possibilities in both mobiles and watercolors. And I get it! I really get it! The movement of a mobile is still quite magical to me. How watercolor paint flows on paper and reacts with different pigments is wondrous. How lucky I am to have discovered this fantastic artful expression.

I have been searching for it all of my life. An artistic medium that enables me to utilize my analytical self in a creative way. As a child, I learned crafting with enthusiasm. I think the first actual craft I was introduced to was sewing. I can remember being about 8 years old and sewing my finger in the sewing machine. Ooooo... it hurt. Made me cry. But apparently it didn't hurt that much because I did it again about 4 years later. I didn't know what was better... sewing stuff together or taking the sewing machine apart just so I could put it back together. I just love a good puzzle!

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