Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plan for Success!

The thing I hear myself telling myself (yes, you understood that correctly, I'm talking to myself on occasion) is "Plan for Success".  So many small business', startups, etc, forget to plan to be successful and experience failure.  So, once you feel that you are going to be successful in your endeavors, your sales number show a hint that this plan could work, how do you know when to jump of the diving board and into the deep end of uncertainty?  What risk is too risky?  What business plan doesn't involve risk?  Okay, I can think of a few like owning a proven franchise, etc that is a minimal risk business plan.  But what about the artistic business plan?

I have read many stories and business models that state that they saved and planned for a year or two.  They saved enough money to be self sufficient as an artist entrepreneur for at least one year.  To me, that is just almost impossible!  I have bills up to the rafters!  There is no way to save when I'm so sunk in debt that at least 85% of my disposable income goes just to pay the bills.  But pay the bills I do, without a handout from our current political administration mind you.  Honorable.... some say yes, others say dummy... you decide.

The bottom line to me is, if I don't continually tell myself, "Plan for Success", I won't.  When I receive too many orders back to back, I remind myself that I am planning for success by working very hard to fill these orders.  If I don't fill the orders, I will have failed in my "Plan for Success" mantra.

Are you planning for success???  What are you doing to plan for success??? Share!

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