Friday, February 18, 2011

Wonderful Waterfalls and an Education!

While I was in Dallas attending the Alexander Calder exhibit Form, Balance, Joy, I received a very charming note from Bob Lusk asking about the Waterfall Watercolor Kinetic Mobile Sculpture. 
He asked me if I could make a mobile in this design for him and I wanted to make something really special, something this very nice guy couldn't get just anywhere.  You see, he was nice enough to let me in on a little secret.  I had been asking prospective customers to choose paint chips from paint mfg websites in an attempt to create the perfect mobiles that my customers would just love.  Bob told me "I could go to look at paint colors, but knowing just how many choices there are out there -- even just for white" etc, etc, etc.  Oh my gosh, what a revelation!  I had no idea that I was asking prospective customers to go out and work for their sculpture!  Yikes.... and I have lost a few sales because of this color request. 

I love color... I can sit for hours and put colors together and enjoy myself.  But I never clued into what I was asking a customer to do.  So, I'm happy to present today these custom mobiles for his review.  I will also include a special gift with his order.... for accidentally telling me just what was going wrong with some of my prospective sales.  Thanks Bob!

This first one is fashioned very closely in size to the original Waterfall Watercolor Kinetic Mobile Sculpture featured on Artfire and ETSY
This mobile consists of 33 pieces which are 1 inch in size.  The entire mobile measures 14 inches wide x 18 inches tall and moves beautifully.  The colors used to create this mobile were Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow, and New Gambouge

This second one is created with twenty four 1-1/2 inch components.  I used heavier wire and rings to give it a different look.  It measures 21 inches wide x 21 inches tall. 

 The painting on one side was done with the same colors as the 1st mobile.  The other side was a painting I did with left over paint from a brick study I did recently and includes burnt sienna, indanthene blue, alizarin crimson, yellow ocher and purple lake. 
This style mobile is one of the more difficult ones I make.  The reason it is difficult is as I cut each piece, I need to keep it in its same position as it was in the painting.  When completed, the concept is to have a moving picture.  But, due to the gaps needed between each component set the picture is lost due to juxtaposition.  But I still love the process :-)

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