Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping Up

This is a really busy time for Natchez MS.  Here in Natchez we have an event called Spring Pilgrimage where a good amount of the community, in one way or another, prepares for our busiest tourist season.  We also have a shorter event only lasting two weeks called Fall Pilgrimage.  Because Natchez is home to many of the important historical homes of the south, we host a 6 week period where those homes are showcased.  Many of our citizens spend these six weeks dressing up in period costume preparing for the groups that come to Natchez to tour the homes.  Of course, allot of our tax dollars and economy rely on this hospitality event and we feel ourselves lucky to have this really neat community resource.

This also means that all area business' are preparing for the extra sales that this spring event brings.  The Natchez Little Theater has requested local artists submit artwork for auction and sale during Pilgrimage and I spent part of my Dallas Vacation creating a painting for this auction.

The other thing that I have been working on is my display for my local gallery exhibit, Arts Natchez.  For the first time I will have an exhibit in our local art gallery.  I'm excited about the opportunity to display my Kinetic Mobile Sculptures at Arts Natchez.  The display will be just like a painting display on the wall where the mobiles will hang flat on the wall.  I will also have an interactive feature that gives viewers the opportunity to remove my mobiles from the wall, hang them on hooks to view the movement of the mobiles.  There will also be one or two mobiles hanging in the middle of the gallery.  This gallery is run by the artists strictly.  Each artist who displays in the gallery is required to run the gallery 1 day per month.  My first gallery day is Sunday March 6th.  I look forward to working on mobiles or painting the day away when I don't have customers.  Downtown Natchez Mississippi doesn't have many business' open on Sundays so the gallery is one of the few things to do on Sundays.  

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