Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nagoya Castle - Japan - Virtual Paintout - April 2011

Bill Guffey has done it again!  He has chosen very interesting location for the April 2011 Virtual Paintout, Japan! It was quite interesting roaming the streets via Google Street View, looking for the perfect location for my virtual Plein Air paintout.

I know, it is not outdoors but I can't afford to visit all of the places I would like to paint.  This process removes the inhibitions I would experience as a new painter by not having to sit outside where others could view my work in progress.  Plus, i'm a slow painter so it also gives me the opportunity to work on one piece as long as I like.

I chose Nagoya Castle (click on link to view the actual location the painting was based upon) and with the help of my teacher, Marina Cavette, I was able to complete this first impressionist painting.  I just love the colors of the trees and walkway.

While I would love to do more thank one painting for the paintout per month, just like my blog, I am finding it hard to fit it all in.  Right now I need to limit my personal painting projects and continue on the Kinetic Mobile Sculpture journey.  

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