Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Relaxation! Set Your Mind Free to Wander Wherever!

I doodle - I've said that before.  The pen drives and I hold on for dear life!  Then I get to embellish and add color to the pen's creations.  This is what I get!

The Dog

New Music




Data Stream

Doorways for Escape

Rainbow Lake

Caterpillar Hiccup

You Make Me Smile



Wet Journey  


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Custom Order for Blair

 Oh!  I do hope this will be/has been a very happy birthday for Blair!  I just celebrated mine last week on the 6th of July!  Blair has asked me to recreate one of my favorite style mobiles, the bubble wave.  I love watching this style mobile as it seems to have a truly kinetic feel to it and a life of its own.  When placed in the perfect corner of any room, where air currents tickle it just so, the mobile moves in a way that seems to follow the bottom component.  Very interesting to watch!  This is also one of the most difficult mobiles I make due to the exactness of the balance to create the horizontal lines.  But I love the work so its an enjoyable process.

I do experience a photography challenge when photographing cobalt blue and greens together.  This last picture is probably the closest to the actual colors of the mobile.  The one just above this picture is overexposed and washed out.  Both sides of this mobile are vibrant blues, muted greens and a touch of aqua to depict light.  Thanks for asking me to make it!