Monday, October 3, 2011

I Just Love a Good Museum!

But the closest "good" museum is almost 4 hours away in New Orleans.  I can spend hours and hours just soaking up gallery after gallery.  I can't take any friends or family because they don't enjoy it as much as I do.  They want to move on and I want to stay put!  I linger so long as to make the gallery guardians nervous.  So, when I found the Google Art Project, I was instantly hooked!
State Hermitage Museum - St Petersburg, Moscow

The Google Art Project is powered very similar to Google Maps.  But instead of virtually driving down the road you virtually walk around a museum!  You have the opportunity to linger and really study the paintings.  You can zoom in close and really see the detail and patina of the painting.  I know I am going to spend many hours exploring the greater museums of the world on this website when I have free time, like while eating a meal.

Cost - Zero - Priceless

Virtually visit for yourself and you will see amazing things that only a trip around the world could reveal.

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