Thursday, August 16, 2012

Large Kinetic Mobile Sculpture Achieved

Finally, I have done it!  My dream of creating a moving painting kinetic mobile sculpture is complete.  I have taken this first step of many I hope to take on my journey to achieve works I never dreamed I could complete 20 years ago.

Moving Paintings is comprised of 14 individual 6 x 6 inch paintings suspended by a 7ft wide Calder style kinetic mobile sculpture frame.  It is currently exhibited in the ArtsNatchez Gallery and will remain there until I find a new exhibit.  This sculpture truly makes me smile every time I look at it!

A special thanks goes out to the Mississippi Arts Commission.  They provided me with a mini grant which enabled me to explore new materials and test theories about what will work for this type of kinetic mobile art sculpture.   But with every discovery I make it only adds more questions and new artistic ideas about where this journey will take me.  ~ Carolyn Weir ~

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