Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trying Something Different

I have become fascinated with a book I purchased recently,  Dramatic Color in the Landscape by Brian Keeler.  Normally, I will purchase an art book or art technique book and just read the information and never actually apply it to anything. Silly but true!  This book, on the other hand, I have decided I really like the work and would like to learn the techniques shown in the book. The real challenge for me is that the book is focused on oil painting and pastel and I am a watercolourist. This painting is a study I did based on a painting in the book which is named August 4th landscape by Brian Keeler. My painting doesn't hold a candle to Keeler's painting but I enjoyed doing it and learning from it.  I will name it "Dad's Getaway", for an upcoming exhibit at the Natchez Art Association. 
Dad's Getaway Watercolor Landscape by Carolyn Weir - Inspired by Brian Keeler

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